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Clan Line in P4

Postby Rich » Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:42 am

Has been a while since I've posted anything that I've been working on, so here's my first steam project in a long time.

The plan was to convert a Hornby Merchant Navy to P4, add a bit of extra detail and update the model to represent the loco in preserved condition.

The loco:
The actual rewheeling was very straight forward, using Gibson wheels on 3mm axles (transferring the Hornby gear/bearings onto the new axles), the front bogie has been replaced with a comet etch. The rear bogie has been replaced with a combination of a Comet sub frame with slimmed down Hornby sides, (the hornby part is too narrow to fit new wheels, and the keeper plate had to get forced off to remove the original wheels.

The next job is going to be fitting a set of Bill Bedford con rods which are currently sat on my workbench awaiting the arrival of some more solder, then scratch building the missing bits at the bottom of the firebox & cab support brackets. Once thats done, I will then be able to get the new loco to tender coupling fitted.

Need to get a few livery modifications done to the loco once the chassis bits are finished, changing the OHLE flashes to the post 98 design and painting the cab window frames.

The tender:
The tender required a lot more work than the loco, starting from the back the centre lights were removed along with the cables between them. This was then replaced with the rear door (added from 10 thou plasticard). The top was then modified to add the air tanks (carefully cutting out the surround off the original tender), along with removing the filler detail.
I've finally managed to find a photo showing the top of the tender, which shows 2 new panels (I assume covering the relocated water filler points) along with a grill over the cutout in the back, this will need to be etched.....
The final job on the tender is going to be fitting a masokits sprung chassis, this just needs a bit of soldering to fit the parts in place, but I want to do some test running with the original chassis first just to check whether or not its needed.


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