Yard Office - A Bit of A Kitbash

Yard Office - A Bit of A Kitbash

Postby iL Dottore » Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:54 pm

I know that I haven't posted for a bit, but modelling has taken a bit of a back seat to a planned holiday and to job searches...
Anyway, feeling a bit at a loose end, I decided that before starting to build my baseboards (I was procrastinating), I'd throw together something quickly ("quickly" by my standards). I had a Ratio Yard Office Kit in my kit box - so had a bash at it, trying out a new wiring system, adding a smoking chimney and adding a cellar (all new tricks for me!) as well as adding an extra window.

First off - the wiring (new method) scheme and picture:
Wiring Set Up.jpg


The diode for the LED is underneath the office in the "cellar". As always with my buildings I have cobbled together an interior (which is so-so, [I've done better but I'm using a new printer :( ]

The new window was carved out, but as the Ratio plastic was brittle, the wall snapped into 2 as I was cutting out the window - hence the "dodgy soon to be condemned" appearance. The brick arch (right name???) above the window is a brass etch. As long as you don't enquire too closely (much like the rest of the brickwork) it is acceptable:
Small Office Exterior 5.jpg

Finally, some "early evening" and "late evening" views of the finished office (downspouts are brass rod)
hut evening.jpg


As always comments, etc, welcomed
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iL Dottore

Re: Yard Office - A Bit of A Kitbash

Postby John B » Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:59 pm

Splendid stuff, Flavio. I like the way you always give your buildings a bit of extra character and detailing.

As for interiors, I've found that the merest hint or suggestion is usually plenty enough from most viewpoints, unless the roof is to be removable. I'll tend to "surface" any visible walls - with panelling or paint - add a poster here and there, etc.
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