Midford Station building

Midford Station building

Postby Wenbridge » Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:16 pm

Is mostly obscured by an arrested class 159.

It was built out of plastikard on a balsawood shell, doors made up from rectangles of plastikard, window frames microstrip.

This is mostly by the way of a photographic test posting to check out my as yet unused webspace courtesy of the post office - looks like it works.


Well done and thanks to Geoff for setting this place up. Are we having a general section for odd witterings? I appreciate that we aren't wanting to encourage out and out silliness, but it looks to me as if we need a more general section for posts that don't fit into the other categories. I am quite good at those :lol:

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Re: Midford Station building

Postby Butoxeter » Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:28 am

I think perhaps we need an explanation for the airborne Class 159 in the Operating Section!
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