5522 Models - Current Range

A "finescale" range of etched components - mostly LMS and constituents

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5522 Models - Current Range

Postby John B » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:23 pm


Telephone/Fax 01835-824808

e-mail : awhwright@btinternet.com

LMS and MR Coach Etchings in 4mm Scale

1.1 LMS Coaches

The frets listed below are supplied complete with underframe/floor and an extruded aluminium roof. These are ‘body only’ kits. Additional components to complete these kits are available in the 5522 range.

LCE 1 50ft Engineer’s Inspection Saloon D2046 £30.00
LCE 2 57ft Semi-open First 1928 Stock D1719 £30.00
LCE 4 60ft Brake Composite 1928 Stock D1720 £30.00 o.o.s.
LCE 5 60ft Third Open 1928 Stock D1721/2 £30.00
LCE 9 57ft Third Open (two-window) D1692 £30.00 o.o.s.
LCE10 57ft First Open (two-window) D1742 £30.00
LCE 11 30ft 6 wheel Brake Stove ‘R’ D2000 £30.00

Some of these are not currently in stock but orders will be taken for later delivery. There are also some body kits for LMS Sleepers D1705 and D1947 special order only POA.

1.2 M R Coaches

This is a series of frets for selected Midland coaches mainly of the Clayton square panelled period, though some diagrams were built in the Bain period. These frets include an etched roof with rainstrips and ventilator/lamp bases incorporated. A very high level of detail is provided in these ‘body only’ frets. Suitable bogies are available separately unless the bogie is of a type un-available elsewhere in which case complete bogie kits are provided with consequent price increase. Kits with bogies included are marked with an asterisk. Additional parts to complete these frets are available in the 5522 range.

SLCS 1 54ft Brake Composite D470 £30.00
SLCS 2 54ft Full Third D560 £30.00
SLCS 3 54ft Brake First D467 £30.00
SLCS 4 54ft Brake Third D475 £30.00
SLCS 8 50ft Composite (M&NB,M&GSW) D468 £30.00
SLCS 9 50ft Brake Composite (M&NB,M&GSW) D566 £30.00
SLCS 10 50ft Invalid /Family Saloon D599 £35.00
SLCS 11 54 ft Brake Composite (Bain style) D472 £35.00
SLCS 12 44ft Inspection Saloon (Bain style) D462 £35.00

These are all special order. There may be a delay of up to six weeks in delivery.

2 Etched parts for use with etched sides

These components are intended to permit the completion of COMET and 247 Developments loose sides for LMS coaches in brass. The basic unit is the underframe etch which provides a stable floor (much easier to solder sides to than copper clad ) with fold down trusses, separate solebars, fold up flaps to take the sides and an auxiliary etch with cross bracing members, brake vees, steps etc. There are sets of etched ends with detail far crisper than castings, sold in pairs to suit all periods and coach types. Correct bogies with lost wax castings are available together with a range of lost wax accessories to enable completion of the model entirely in brass, much stronger and more durable than any other medium.

2.1 Underframe and Floor Kits

All these kits are priced at £6.50 and include the accessory etch LM306 with crossbraces, brake vees , vestibule connections, etc. If the diagram number of the intended model is quoted on the order then the correct length footboards will be supplied.

U 101 57ft
U 104 50ft (full footboards only in kit, but can be shortened for kitchen cars etc)
U 105 68/69ft

2.2 Etched ends and other detailing parts

Ends are sold in pairs at £3.00, and are designed to suit the coach type listed. LMS coaches typically have slight differences at each end and these are catered for, as well as the three main periods and two possible variations in period II.

LM 312 Period I/II Plain Corridor (planked)
LM 313 Period I/II Brake Corridor (planked)
LM 314 Period I/II Plain Non-corridor (planked)
LM 315 Period III Plain Corridor
LM 316 Period III Brake Corridor
LM 317 Period I/II Brake Non-corridor (planked)
LM 319 Period II All-steel Plain Corridor
LM 320 Period II All-steel Brake Corridor
LM 322 Period III Plain Non-corridor
LM 323 Period III Brake Non-corridor
LM 331 LNWR style Sleeping and Dining car ends to suit D1705/34 etc.

The remaining items in this section are detailing etches which can also be used with coaches made from materials other than brass and will greatly enhance the appearance of RTR models.
LM 306 Corridor connections, droplights, crossbraces, £4.00
brake vees, couplings and end steps, sufficient
for one coach.
LM 308 Seat ends and tables for PI/II Diners/Opens o.o.s.
LM 324 Battery boxes LMS standard type (2) £1.60
LM 330 Etched duckets for MR Brake ends (2) £0.30
LM 340 Etched LMS Regulator boxes (2) £0.50

LM 400 Extruded aluminium roof section for 50ft £2.50
LM 401 Extruded aluminium roof section 57ft £2.50
LM 402 Extruded aluminium roof section 60ft £2.50

3.0 Etched Bogies with lost wax fittings

All these bogies are sold in pairs and are fully compensated to suit P4 but can be built rigid if desired for EM and 00. Full brake gear and pinpoint bearings are included but no wheels. The all brass construction gives a robust unit with good appearance and running.

B 603 LMS 9ft rivetted or welded (makes either) £11.50
B 604 M R 8ft Bain pattern £11.50
B 606 M R 10ft Clayton pattern (suits Ratio kits) £10.50

4.0 Castings

4.1 Lost Wax castings

LM 703 LMS Oval head buffers (4) £1.50
LM 705 LMS/MR/LNW Dynamo (1) £1.50
LM 706 LMS/MR/LNW Brake cylinders and rods(2) £3.00
LM 715 LMS PIII Lav tank fillers (6) £0.30

5.0 Signal parts and architectural accessories

This is a small range of “spin-off” parts mainly designed for my own layouts over the years.

A 412 LMS/LNW Lower quadrant signal arms, blinders etc (5) £1.20
A 416 Fret of small discs, ovals and spectacle rings £0.75
A 431 Manson tablet catcher set (lineside + 5 loco sets) (1) £2.50
A 435 G&SWR 35ft lattice signal post (1) £1.00
A 436 G&SWR Signal arms, blinders and balance weights (1) £1.20
The signal frets have both home and distant arms in two lengths included. The posts are ready drilled for two arms at the correct spacing.

L 601 Loco and tender footsteps for MR and LMS, with a £1.00
cab fall plate. In nickel silver. Set for one loco.

6.0 Postage and Payment

All business is strictly CWO. Cheques should be made payable to A W H L Wright please. Postage and packing is free on all orders over £80, otherwise please include 6% of the order value, with a minimum of £1.50, to cover this, any surplus will be credited.
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Re: 5522 Models - Current Range

Postby iak » Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:26 am

For your info guys.
5522 LMS Coach ends and roofs are spot on accurate to what they should be.
Comet have a very BR look to them :scratch
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Re: 5522 Models - Current Range

Postby Stanier6256 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:56 pm

This range is now discontinued pending re-launch of the business by its new owner.

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