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User workshops, for detailed exposition and discussion of individual user's specific projects. Why this board exists, really.

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Postby Administrator » Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:51 pm

As part of the open culture we wish to create on this board, users who have a workshop area are granted limited moderator rights, i.e. they will be able to delete posts.

The idea is to allow the workshop owners to keep their own forums tidy in a manner and style which suits them, so if there has been some OT discussion and they want to keep it, they can. And if they don't want it as they have a desire to focus more purely on modelling, they can do that. It really comes into its own if there have been several questions linked together into one response: the response has captured the questions, and therefore leaving the questions lying about may, to some, lead to an untidy workshop. Others may differ in their opinion: we (the admin team) don't mind either way, and we really look forward to this area taking off with a great deal of individuality appearing over time, and the workshop area becoming a home for blogs of a similar theme (model railways) linked to related discussions - if you hadn't twigged before, you will now realise why this board is called what it is called.

The moderator's name appears under their workshop forum name: rights apply to any sub-forums, or should.

Since the admin team have full access to all forums for use in emergencies only (we hope!) they do not need to be granted specific forum rights, which is why their own forums appear to be unmoderated.

If you wish to have a workshop area (and unlike me have the time to do something within it!) then form an orderly queue and send a request via PM to us and we'll deal with it when we can. It would help if you can say what you would like it to be called as we both have a somewhat warped sense of humour and you may get something strange if not careful... Similarly, if you want a descriptive strap line that states what it is you do, e.g. "The esoteric world of modelling Tibetan mule trams in Gauge 3", then please say so.
Similarly, if you have been posting in WIP, we will assume that you would like your topics to be moved to your workshop area, but layout threads will remain in the layouts forum unless requested to be moved. These are the "default" actions we will take.

We can move topics, rename your workshops and add decriptions later, but obviously if we can do it all one hit, it is more convenient for us.

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