Sealife and stone

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Sealife and stone

Postby iak » Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:36 am

I decided on this week that I would explore a new project.
An olive green Hornby Shark was dually dissected and examined with a view to it getting "the treatment..."
It is an exceptional piece of work for RtR and really gives one a very strong base wiith which to work.
It is very much of use for the Dia 1/597 ones; the Dia 1/598's had different axleboxes and buffers.
It has very short wheelbase means one can avoid springing and a lot of detail is already present and of a decent quality.
Replacing the ploughs fitted with the proper full ones supplied and removing the auto-coupler and pocket are obvious; as will be the replacing of the fake coupling hook [Exactoscale/Masokits combo]. The buffers a very nice so they will be left.
Wheeling I need to carefully consider but again Exactoscale wheels look favourite. I do wish to investigate thinning the w-irons . Mind I could be being a picky bugger again? :lol:
Re-lettering is a definite as is a repaint maybe? The ones I have images of appear still to be a very battered black so...............
The insides of the verandas will need a lick of paint and some tweaking .
However, this looks a nice small project - BONZA 8-)
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