Old Originals L Class Manning Wardle

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Re: Old Originals L Class Manning Wardle

Postby Butoxeter » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:29 pm

Wenbridge wrote:Talk about "workshop thread", more like "how not to do it" :oops: perhaps I'd better take another dekko at those instructions....

I didn't realise your workshops were now working 24 hours a day.... ;) ;)
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Re: Old Originals L Class Manning Wardle

Postby Wenbridge » Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:19 pm

Having had a good read of the instructions, last night I turned my attention to the many lost wax brass castings provided and have got the boiler back head pretty much finished, bar the two cylinders from which the safety valve rods emerge from, which will sit in the two holes behind the regulator quadrant and rise vertically towards the cab roof.

John provides for alternative fittings and some which I won't be using, notably the wheel washer valves and associated bits and the very nice later safety valve assembly which I won't be using. What with all this and the spare cab, I am having delightful 4 wheeled Manning Wardle day dreams.

I must admit, which parts you should use and where at this stage is the least good part of the instructions so far, although I think I am getting there. Also, as the instructions say, there was so much variation between different locos that you are best off working from photographs of the original. In addition to this John has generously provided alternative fittings which further complicates this stage but for the best of reasons.


Water valves next I think, presumably these are the old fashioned version of injectors? Building this kit makes you think quite a lot about how the real thing actually worked, questions questions....
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