Review: MLI No.207 - 1st Generation DMUs

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Review: MLI No.207 - 1st Generation DMUs

Postby jdfaulkner » Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:43 pm

Some many mistakes in this, it took some time do do a review...

Modern Locomotives Illustrated – The First Generation Diesel Multiple Units
Edited by Colin J. Marsden. Published by Key Publishing Ltd, 2014
ISSN 1756-8188, 84 pages
Recommended price = £4.50

Some of the members within Barrowmore Model Railway Group are somewhat keen on Diesel Multiple Units and so when I spotted Modern Locomotives Illustrated (MLI) No. 207 (June – July 2014) at a recent exhibition, this was acquired for the collection.

The Bi-monthly MLI magazine series is in softback of approx. 80-odd pages each, with many photographs in full colour. No.207 (June-July 2014) covers the first generation DMUs that were built for British Railways, from the pre-modernisation plan designs appearing in 1954 through to the Swindon Inter-City design in 1963. A sensible approach of overall layout is attempted, with a brief introduction on the subject and the antecedents to the various BR designs, followed by histories of the various types along with technical details, and finally the liveries that DMUs carried. However, whilst a magazine of this size, even with 9 pages of adverts, might be adequate for detailing a locomotive class, this restriction on overall size clearly compromises the DMU story with so many types to cover.

This however is the least of the problems with MLI no.207, for the text is littered with so many errors, inconsistencies and significant omissions that it has to be believed that the author does not quite understand the subject. At the very least, if someone knowledgeable had proofread the text many of the mistakes should have been avoided. In this publication, you’ll find the usual schoolboy errors in identifying class 108 and class 114 (caption on page 18) through to fictitious vehicles like a class 103 DMBSL or Met.Cam units with ‘high density’ interiors!

Here lies another issue, ‘consistency’: Overtime the operator codes developed and say a DTC, where the code did not include the existence of a lavatory became a DTCL. Because the author of MLI no.207 switches between these flavours of operator code the uninformed reader will become confused, especially when some codes as mentioned above are erroneous. As for the attempt to group vehicle technical details for each class, these can’t be relied upon due to the numerous inaccuracies.

Not recommended. :hmm:
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