Locomotives Illustrated, No.195, The Small Shunters

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Locomotives Illustrated, No.195, The Small Shunters

Postby Clive » Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:16 pm

Just back from town which includes my weekly scan of the mags in Smifffffs. I came home with Locomotives Illustrated, No.195, The Small Shunters-excluding BR designs. I tend to buy this series of magazines when Colin Marsden publishes one on a class of loco that fits my modelling period. This edition does just that. I am impressed by this issue, for under a £5 the amount of information it contains is fantastic. Most of the text I have read so far does not give any new information on what Colin Marsden has written in his two versions of his Diesel Shunter books, and I did not expect it too. Some of the photos are quite commonly seen ones of these quite rare classes of loco. Having said that, many of the colour ones are new to me. The BR weight diagrams have been reproduced in 4mm and 2mm scale which is excellent for us modellers (except our 7mm and 3/16th mates).

If you do not have the Marsden books, or the BR Fleet Survey Diesel Shunter volume and you are interested in shunters other than 08s and 03s then go off to Smifffs.

Clive Mortimore

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