BR Freight Stock - Buffers/Drawhooks/Couplings

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BR Freight Stock - Buffers/Drawhooks/Couplings

Postby Richard Oldfield » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:46 am

Dear all,

No self-respecting library shelf should be without the riveting read that is 'Regulations for the guidance of Train Examiners and Oilers' (BR document 11819). It was issued in March 1976 and our copy is the 1st revision dated January 1979.

Leafing through the pages I came across the rules governing buffer length, drawhooks and couplings on freight stock and thought they might be useful on Fred for those who, like me, are often modelling wagons where there is not a clear view of the end.

The first figure is the buffer projection from the headstock (ie it includes packing pieces if fitted)
The second figure is the required thickness of drawbar faceplate measured from the headstock
The type of drawhook and coupling type is then shown

1' 6" / 0.75" / BR standard / BR Instanter
1' 8.5" / 0.75" / BR standard / BR standard freight screw
1' 8.5" / 3.25" / BR standard / BR Instanter
2' 0.5" / 2.06" / Continental / Continental screw
2' 0.5" / 7.25" / BR standard / BR Instanter
2' 0.5" / 6.44" / Continental / Special Continental Instanter
2' 0.5" / 4.75" / BR standard / BR standard freight screw

As an example, if the wagon you are modelling has 1' 8.5" buffers and Instanter couplings then it should have an extended drawbar mounting plate 3.25" deep.

Now, there will be exceptions (because the railway did whatever was required to keep things moving) but these are the rules and will have applied to the vast majority of stock.


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