Welcome to the FRMW Clinic

Welcome to the FRMW Clinic

Postby James » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:53 pm

Welcome to a new section of the forum, the Finescale Railway Modellers' Workshop Clinic specifically designed to get members modelling! Often it is said that forums like ours eat into people's modelling time so we are going to try and address this is a very constructive way. We will try to, initially at least, choose subjects which won't break the bank so everybody is able to join in if they want to. (Good value modelling will suit me as I have a rather expensive time coming up!).

The idea is simple, we give you a theme and ask all the members how they would approach the problem. The subjects will be ones which many of us are likely to require at somepoint.

Bascially we will want to know the following -

  • The basis of the model (Airfix Kit, Hornby RTR, for example)
  • Any source material you've used - links to any websites, references to books and magazines you've used.
  • Any extra parts you have added.
  • How you built it.
  • How you finished it - painting, weathering etc
  • Your conclusions - was it worth the effort? Did you enjoy it? Would you do anything differently next time?

The important thing for us is you telling everyone how you did it as this will help everyone else! Even if things go wrong, let us know and how you might approach it next time.

A photo of the finished model will be fine but we'd love it if you could take a few during construction if you can! Especially if you're using any new parts or anything which you think will be of interest.

Choosing one theme for everyone will provide an interesting comparison as to how different modellers approach the same subject, this is, I believe, going to provide a wonderful way to learn new skills and see products used we may not have otherwise thought of. We ask you to keep on topic in this area - other projects can, as always go in either WIP or your workshop area.

You can work in whatever scale you wish! There will be no winner, but hopefully a lot of learning and most of fun!
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