Bachmann Mk1 coach butchery

Bachmann Mk1 coach butchery

Postby Richard Oldfield » Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:53 pm


In order to complete the Mk2 formations which David Faulkner has under construction we are going to need some additional Mk1 vehicles. The BGs are already complete and this leaves a small number of other vehicles:-

1 x SLCT - Diagram 5
1 x RB - Diagram 24
1 x FO - Diagram 73
1 x RMB - Diagram 99
2 x RBR - Both are conversions from Diagram 28 RB(K) vehicles which started off life as Diagram 17 RF before going to Diagram 26 and then Diagram 28

We have decided to stick to plastic sided vehicles (so the whole rake has a similar look to it) and will be going down the Bachmann route.

The SLCT and RMB look fairly trouble free = famous last words?
The other vehicles are going to need some serious butchery of related Bachmann products.

If anyone has been down this route before then please fire ahead.

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