Associated Octel tank build for Mostyn

Associated Octel tank build for Mostyn

Postby Dave Millward » Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:31 am

Mornin' all,

Adding to our collection of works drawings for the Charles Roberts tanks, the VTG bromine tank and the outline diagrams for the remainder I spent a productive four hours at the Embsay and Bolton Abbey railway on Sunday crawling all over one of their former AO chlorine tanks (47023). Five pages of detailed measurements and 30 mins of camcorder footage later we had all that is necessary to set about a scratchbuild of the type. Many thanks to Wendy of the C&W dept at Embsay for her assistance and helpful explanations. This is a brief sample of the footage

The least information that we have now is for the Grazebrook bromine and the 48xxx anti-knock tanks, oh, as well as the ferry anti-knock.


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