wagons and components

wagons and components

Postby richard chapman » Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:44 pm

Hi,well there is some interesting and great items in some of the other threads and so not to clog those up asking for info i thought i would start a seperate one.
One of the first things,which briz and myself had a conversation last week about was all the different codes etc which in some cases people take it for granted that we all know and understand.To some it may not be so easy.(just like southern units...4cep,2hap,No loo etc etc)
If you have this as a list then its a start.Understand the brake types,W irons,axle boxes etc etc...you get the drift is another mind field.
Being able to find this information and trying to get some understanding of it goes along way to then know what types of say Bill Bedford springing or MJT rocking irons etc to use.The same goes with buffers etc.
One thing that i do find that takes time is to search out all the different people who supply/manufacturer such items.
Now as a newby to the likes of P4 and not within a group/club does anybody have any type of supplier list of who does what or able to point the dim one in the correct direction.
All help will be gratefully recieved.
Also has anybody done any work on the presstwins and pressflow form airfix.I also have some of the tanks...can they be worked in to something good or best buried for a future time team programme.
Thanks in advance,
richard chapman
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Re: wagons and components

Postby Dave Millward » Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:03 pm

Hi Richard,

We have a rake of cement presflos to create for Mostyn yet but the jury is still out as to whether the airfix/dapol body with a scratchbuilt chassis is the way to go or whether the Bachmann offering, again with a scratchbuilt chassis is better. Initial observations of the Bachmann body tend towards overscale ribbing on the body which would be difficult to rectify.

Our experience of sourcing components is that new and better suppliers can often come along. If you ask us to recommend a source of buffers, for example, at the moment then we would say talk to Dave Franks at Lanarkshire model supplies, or for wheels have a look at the Ultrascale range. It is better to ask a current question on this group when your need arises, rather than stockpile components or risk keeping out of date recommendations.

Have a look at the ex ironstone hopper article in the 'clinics' section to see our preferred method of suspension.

The Working Wagons series of books by Dave Larkin is good for pairing a description of wagon features with pictures of the prototype.

Hope this helps

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Re: wagons and components

Postby Richard Oldfield » Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:21 pm

Hi Richard,

In many ways the 4mm wagon components market (in my opinion) is going through quite a degree of change. When I first started modelling in P4, some 10 years ago, you had to be grateful for what there was, many of the detailing components were rough and you had to make the best of them or resort to scratch-building. For example, you will have seen members of the Mostyn group enthusing on Fred about the new buffer range by LMS (Dave Franks) but this is because we've had to accept other white-metal alternatives for too long which were poorly cast and/or inaccurate.

Another change has been the ease with which interested 'amateurs' can now use computer aids to design etched and cast components. Our group now readily uses resin-casting and etching to meet demands which the current suppliers dont reach. You could also look at the work by Jim Smith-Wright, Craig Welsh and others to see how the boundaries are being pushed out.

All this change makes it difficult to maintain a 'list' of 4mm suppliers but the nearest thing I know is maintained by Russ Elliott. You can get it here:-


Obviously this doesn't rate the quality of what is supplied and that's where I think forums like Fred have a role to play by showcasing the use of the many components.

Since you have successfully tackled 2mm finescale you will have an eye for what's needed so perhaps the best thing is to select a wagon type you want to do, start a topic on Fred and I'm sure there's plenty of us that can weigh in with suggestions and opinions.


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Re: wagons and components

Postby richard chapman » Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:33 pm

Hi,Thanks for the replys.What i will do is when i have finished the jobs in hand i will think of a wagon,even if its not one that i immediatly require and we can start from there.
For me one of the reasons for asking with regards to where to obtain items is time.With spending so many w/es out at shows with work and not all of those have the type of suppliers we need mail order is quite often the only way and the listings on the sites sometimes dont help you alot.
Thanks again,
richard chapman
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